Alexa Gavigan (Private)

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Private Event

Name: Alexa Gavigan


Phone #: (716) 291-9013

Date: 08/19/2024

Time: 11:00 am | Ends at: 06:00 pm

Address: Auden Buffalo, Getzville, NY 14221

Number of Attendees: 50

Description: Hello this is Alexa from Auden Buffalo, we are looking to partner with local family owned businesses for our next event. We are wondering if you are interested in providing some small food dishes in exchange for promotion. We can include business cards into our goodie bags that we hand out to all interested residents. We also have an instagram we can tag you in, as well as hand out coupons to our students for your restaurant. or if there’s something you have in mind for exchange we would be more than happy to hear. Please let us know if you are interested.