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Private Event

Name: Austin Grzechowiak


Phone #: (716) 345-0344

Date: 05/03/2024

Time: 02:00 pm | Ends at: 06:00 pm

Address: 160 Diefendorf Loop, Buffalo, NY 14214

Number of Attendees: 150

Description: We are looking to book 2-4 food trucks to service a little over 200 people and preferably each truck being able to accommodate 100-150 people just so there isn’t an excess of unused food. We are also interested in one ice cream truck, a coffee truck, and a few food trucks if possible.
This event is for the School of Pharmacy and is our end of the year event for the entire school! We are hoping to be able to get food trucks set up for May 3rd and the event runs from 2-6pm.