Branding With Customers In Mind: Food Truck Aesthetics

food trucks

Food trucks have come a long way from the humble taco truck. Like any dining establishment, food trucks need to build a customer base in order to be successful. Many hopeful entrepreneurs have come and gone, unable to compete in a growing and increasingly competitive market. In Buffalo alone, there are over 50 food trucks. What is going to make yours stand out? It’s all about the branding.


With branding, food trucks have to consider:

  • Who they are.
  • What they sell.
  • Geographical coverage.
  • Their ownership.
  • Their customer demographics.
  • Financial performance.
  • Their innovations.
  • Their social media marketing initiatives.


However, they also have to think about what the customer will think:

  • Is the menu overly-complicated?
  • Good pricing?
  • Does the food truck’s brand image and reputation fit with who they are?
  • Does it respond to customer complaints?
  • Will the food truck follow ethical business practices?
  • Is the food truck interesting?
  • Who speaks for the brand?
  • Branding consistent? Are customer expectations met?
  • Is it easy to find?


While food trucks are focused on what they are doing, customers focus on how the food truck’s brand makes them feel. A big part of drawing new customers to your brand is making a good first impression. While looks aren’t everything, they are important. You could have a killer menu, but if your truck isn’t interesting, people will be less likely to be drawn to it.

Food Truck Aesthetics

Around Buffalo, it is easy to find our favorite food trucks. The best ones have both an awesome menu and a great social media presence. They also have an interesting looking truck. A large percentage of those passing by will not be familiar with a new truck and will rely on their feelings or intuition. Colors, designs, and the overall look and feel of the truck unconsciously influences customers to pick one over another. Your food truck is the face of your business. It is crucial that your aesthetic appeal makes you stand out while still aligning with your brand. Once your customers are drawn to you, they will discover your amazing menu and then look for you on social media.

There are a few ways you can go about designing your truck. Many truck owners rely on vehicle wraps. These have a pre-printed outer layer of artwork that is then placed on the truck. This artwork can be as complex or minimal as you want and give a professional feel. You can also airbrush or pain your truck to give it an iconic or distinct character. Food truck owners can use their trucks style and design to target their audience and customer base to stay ahead in the competition. No matter what you choose, the placement and arrangement of taglines, logos, and social media accounts should not be overlooked or underplayed.