Ciao Y’all Truck

Ciao Y’all was born years ago as an idea but now here at home in the mountains it takes it full form as a growing exploration of the way food cultures can grow each other and as a reminder that every culinary background can flow from one to another.

The Picture above is just a day at Watauga lake.  High up in the mountains, inspired by the regional people and preserves, a meal was made that birthed again, like a phoenix from the ashes, as we pull so much from ashes: “Ciao Y’all”, was a simple dish of shrimp, smoked tomatoes, and polenta.  The phrase that would become not just our name but our war cry.

Ciao Y’all is an experiment in blending traditions of preservation and preserved traditions from another world.  It is the idea of delivering quality fresh food using the local produce and canning methods blended with the flavors of Italy.  White table cloth quality meals with country inspiration and a laid back service.  
Ciao Y’all

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