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Public Event

Name: Dan Lewandowski

Email: lewandowskid@buffalolib.org

Phone #: (716) 858-6900

Date: 04/08/2024

Time: 02:00 pm | Ends at: 04:00 pm

Address: 1 Lafayette Sq., Buffalo, NY 14203

Number of Attendees: 200

Description: Hello! I am from the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library. We are hosting a viewing party for the eclipse at the downtown library. It is hard to say how many people will show up, but hotels are sold out ALL over the downtown area. We have been advertising our viewing party and we are hoping it is busy — we are having live music, a balloon artist for the families, all sorts of things going on that day. We are also hoping to have food trucks present at the event! I understand it is probably a busy day, but I really appreciate you taking our request and look forward to hearing from you.