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Public Event

Name: Faith George


Phone #: (347) 585-1217

Date: 06/15/2024

Time: 10:00 am | Ends at: 03:45 pm

Address: 40 Days Park, Buffalo, NY 14201

Number of Attendees: 300

Description: Event:
All About Biz: Celebrating the Rich Culture of Elmwood Village’s Entrepreneurship Community

Event Overview:

“All About Biz” is an entrepreneurial pop up market “final project” event, curated by three fifth-grade students who are part of the EVCS Biz Camp business club. Their goal is to celebrate the rich culture of the Buffalo community, connect with businesses to build & foster relationships in Elmwood village, and grow as liaisons for local business owners. The event aims to bring together the diverse community of Buffalo to showcase and celebrate its local art, music, food, and traditions; the event will also showcase the hard work students have put in throughout the duration of the club.

Event Theme:

The theme of the event is centered around the rich culture of the Buffalo’s Elmwood Village community, highlighting its diversity, art, music, and culinary heritage in entrepreneurship.

We are currently looking for TWO food trucks to station themselves in front of our school, EVCS, to invite attendees to purchase their own food. WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO RENT OUT THE TRUCK. We are providing space right in front of a pretty busy park, DAYS PARK in Elmwood Village.