Flaming Fish: Bahama Mama Fish Taco

Bahama Mama Fish Taco

It doesn’t just look appetizing, it is! The Bahama Mama makes you feel like you stepped out of snowy Buffalo and onto an island paradise. It is one of the best fish tacos that I have tasted so far. The tilapia was well seasoned, tortilla had a nice crunch to it when you bite into it, and the sauce was FANTASTIC! This taco wasn’t a messy taco to eat either; Everything was nicely intact.

It was a really cold day when I was waiting for my order, but it was so worth it! The wait wasn’t long either. The Flaming Fish offers something special to Buffalo. Not many places offer fresh seafood like Flaming Fish can. Many seafood lovers, like myself, are often forgotten in Buffalo, so I’m really thankful to have them apart of our community. If you are looking for tasty and affordable seafood concoctions, check out the unique menu offered by the Flaming Fish!