Hangry Hog H2O

Get ready to meet Hangry Hog H2O, a unique food cart floating on a converted pontoon boat. This one-of-a-kind cart will tantalize taste buds with delicious hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, as well as a selection of bagged ice, snacks, and refreshing cold drinks.

The Water Hog comes as an extension to Bacon and Berry’s popular land-based food cart, the Hangry Hog Mobile Grill. Since its debut in May, the Hangry Hog has been a hit at special events and rentals, usually stationed near Gateway Park at 84 Sweeney St. in North Tonawanda.

The Water Hog is slated to be anchored at Grass Island, a vibrant sandbar on the north side of Grand Island that attracts numerous boating enthusiasts. Owners will have the convenience of ordering their favorite food items by calling or texting, with the option to pick them up or have them delivered right to their boats.

Get ready to indulge in a sumptuous culinary experience while boating, courtesy of the Hangry Hog H2O.