House of Munch

House of Munch

Truck Description:

The latest and greatest snack emporium, and perhaps the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen!  Step right up and witness a glimpse of yesteryear.  Bring your friends, your family, your enemies even!  Everyone can enjoy a treat from the House of Munch!

Truck Offerings

Famous Fried Dough  Delicious fresh made dough, deep fried to a golden brown and served with powdered sugar  or cinnamon sugar

Hot Dog – Sahlens, of course!

Cheesy Dog – Topped with a gooey cheese sauce

Taco Dog -Topped with seasoned taco meat and gooey cheese sauce

Corn Dog -Honey-sweetened, batter-wrapped hot dog on a stick

French Fries -Crispy and golden, an American classic!

Cheesy Fries – Topped with a gooey cheese sauce

Taco Fries -Topped with seasoned taco meat and gooey cheese sauce

Hamburger – A grilled pattie on a fresh bun

Cheeseburger – Grilled pattie with American cheese on a fresh bun

Chicken Finger Platter -Crispy chicken fingers and golden french fries, a family favorite!

Cotton Candy -Spun pink & blue sugar, any Carnival must-have!

Kettle Korn -Sweet and Salty, another great munchie!

Olde Tyme Birch Beer -A true nostalgic favorite

Ice-Cold Lemonade -Sweet and tangy, perfect on a sunny day

Boring Bottled Water – Name says it all

All menu items are subject to change at any time and per event