Jill Finkley (Public)

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Public Event

Name: Jill Finkley

Email: jfinkley@northcollinscsd.org

Phone #: (716) 337-0101

Date: 09/29/2023

Time: 05:20 pm | Ends at: 07:00 pm

Address: 2045 School Street, North Collins, NY 14111

Number of Attendees: 350

Description: Hi! We are looking for a dessert food truck for after our Homecoming parade on 9/29. We are a small town and a small school but the food trucks have been a big hit for the past few years. The kids Googled for dessert food trucks and Sweet Indulgence is one of the ones they were interested in.
If you are available and interested, I’d be happy to send you our school’s insurance requirements for food trucks.