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Public Event

Name: Katie Spencer

Email: springbrookfireco@gmail.com

Phone #: (716) 435-6746

Date: 06/22/2024

Time: 10:00 am | Ends at: 02:00 pm

Address: Spring Brook Fire Company, Elma, Ny 14059

Number of Attendees: 200

Description: We are having a community yard sale at our fire hall and are looking to get a food truck or two to set up in our large parking lot.
This would be the first time we would have a food truck come in, but we have had this event for several years and it grows larger every year. Customers would be paying for their own food and the event would be heavily advertised.
Please reach out via email instead of phone as we would need to discuss at our fire company meeting prior to a commitment with a food truck.