Mark Pilato (Public)

Public Event

Name: Mark Pilato


Phone #: (716) 839-3400

Date: 06/09/2023

Time: 05:00 pm | Ends at: 08:00 pm

Address: 95 Campus Drive, Amherst, New York 14226

Number of Attendees: 135

Description: Hello!

We are SnyderPark Village Apartments at 95 Campus Dr. East, right next door to Daemen College. Last summer we averaged 135 people each Friday and the vendors averaged a little over $1,100 for a 3-hour run. You would be the only truck there. Most trucks had between 5 and 7 choices but whatever works for you. It’s a captive audience as we have 1,200 residents! If you are willing to be a part of it, we just need your W9 and your COL insurance info. The W9 is needed because if we don’t meet your minimum for some reason, we would pay the difference. We are looking to fill Friday, June 9th or Friday August 11th or 18th from 5pm to 8pm. Please let me know if you are interested in joining or Friday night rotation! It’s a guaranteed solid night!