Neno’s Gourmet Mexican Street Food

Neno’s Gormet Mexican Street Food





From Puebla Mexico to Rochester NY. Authentic Mexican Food from our lovely hometown to Roc City. We have a little of Mexico in our truck for You!




Ra-Cha-Cha Nachos

Tortilla chips with guajillo salsa, Monterrey and cheddar cheeses, ghost pepper cheese sauce, Pico de Gallo, crema Mexicana, queso fresco and topped with fresh cilantro.
Chicken  / Beef / Carnitas  /
Al pastor or Asada  

Poblano Relleno

Stuffed poblano pepper with Spanish chorizo, Monterrey cheese, salsa roja, crema Mexicana, black beans, white rice, queso fresco & topped with fresh cilantro   



Blessed with ghost pepper cheese sauce, rice, queso fresco and salsa verdé in a jalapeño flour tortilla served with chips or house salad.
Chicken, Beef,  Carnitas  

Burri-Frito “Chimi”

Fried burrito filling with pommes fries, topped with ghost pepper cheese sauce, Pico de Gallo and queso fresco.
NYS Steak or Al pastor  


Filling with fries, ghost pepper cheese sauce, salsa verde, pinto beans and queso fresco.
NYS Steak or Al pastor  


Smothered in guajillo salsa, salsa verdé, Monterrey Jack cheese and Crema Mexicana in an herb garlic flour tortilla with a side of beans or rice.
Chicken, carnitas, beef 


Smothered in mole sauce, Monterrey cheese, queso fresco, crema Mexicana in a herb flour tortilla with side of rice or beans.
Chicken, carnitas, beef 


Soup of the Day
Totopos and Guacamole 
Totopos and Salsa Verde 
Spanish Rice
Beans (Black or Pinto)
Street Elote (Corn on the cob with queso fresco & chipotle mayo)




Breaded pork-loin, mustard, mayo, avocado, refried beans, smoked ham, queso Oaxaca & mixed greens in Focaccia bread.

Al Adobo

Chile-marinated chicken, salsa roja, queso Oaxaca, pickled red onions, refried beans & chipotle mayo with mixed greens.

Shrimp Diablo

Beer-battered spicy shrimp, guacamole, lemon mayo, mixed greens, pickled red onions & queso Oaxaca in Focaccia bread.

Milanesa Torta

Breaded chicken, guacamole, refried beans,  mayonnaise, queso Oaxaca, jalapenos, salsa verde, and mixed greens in Focaccia bread.


Tres Tacos

Topped with pickled red onion, organic radishes, queso fresco, salsa verdé and fresh cilantro.
Guisado Chicken, Carnitas or Beef  

Tacos Al Pastor

Pork loin marinated with guajillo adobo chiles, grilled pineapple, salsa verdé & fresh cilantro

Tacos Asada

NY beef slices topped with cactus fresco salad, salsa verde and fresh cilantro.

Tacos Baja

Beer-battered spicy haddock or chrimp, shredded cabbage, cilantro crema, pickled red onions, salsa verdé & fresh cilantro

Tacos Veggie / Vegan

Spanish rice, cactus fresco salad, queso fresca, guacamole, organic radishes, salsa verde.  Choice of pinto or black beans  
Add tofu 

Enchilada Mole

Poblano mole sauce, organic radishes, pickled red onions, cabbage, and queso fresco with a side of rice. 


Monterey jack cheese, queso Oaxaca, bacon, salsa verde, and white Spanish onions. Choice of chicken, beef, carnitas al pastor or asada 


Sour Cream 
Salsa Verde
Salsa roja
Queso Fresco
Kids Quesadilla
Kids Burrito




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