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From Our Family To Yours…

Our great-grandmother Maria – better known to all by her nickname “Melodia” – would sing Italian folk songs
while preparing dinner for the whole extended family. Today, three generations of the Incorvia family

are pleased to continue this tradition of old-world hospitality from the restaurant which carries her name.

What is Gelato?
Often called “Italian ice cream” gelato has half the fat of American ice cream, and a minimum amount of air whipped into it, and is typically served at a warmer temperature. The result is a more intense flavor with a richer and creamier texture.
Gelato dates back to ancient Rome, made from ice and snow brought from the Alps. During the Renaissance gelato was still a hit and featured during banquets and the Medici court in Florence, Italy.
Sorbet is also a decadent dessert made with fresh fruit and is dairy and gluten free.

From our family to yours – Mangia Bene!




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