Tara Whitfield (Public)

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Public Event

Name: Tara Whitfield

Email: tara_whitfield@hotmail.com

Phone #: (716) 410-5950

Date: 05/08/2024

Time: 04:00 pm | Ends at: 08:00 pm

Address: 75 Chestnut St, Fredonia, NY 14063

Number of Attendees: 200

Description: This event will be open to the public and it is for the Fredonia High School Varsity Girl’s Flag Football team. We are hoping to partner with some food trucks who would be interested in working as a fundraiser. Percent donated is negotiable. The food trucks would set up in a bus loop and be open to the public from approximately 5 pm until 8 pm.. There is the potential to come a little earlier and the flag football team will advertise in order to maximize sales. Thank you for your consideration.